Katie Morgan Gibbs

Katie Morgan Gibbs is The Anorexic Assassin in my latest book. The Anorexic Assassin (the book) is a character study of one Jimmy Joe Jeter.  Actually, by ignoring the content of his character, he was caught in the web of Katie Gibbs and lost his freedom and his wife.  Katie Gibbs is modeled after a real life assassin, Kelly Cannon.  I first met Kelly when she was a student at Harpeth Hall with my daughter.  Kelly and Susanna went to Rhodes College together and were sorority sisters and roommates. Kelly eventually married Jim Cannon, a Nashville lawyer. She ended up strangling him and is now serving a life sentence at the Tennessee Prison for Women. In early 2015, her lawyers filed a motion requesting a new trial.

Katie Gibbs married a lawyer, Bobby Gibbs, and eventually strangled him. But she manipulated the facts to entrap Jimmy Joe, a person she loved to hate.



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