Splash Valley + Tattoos

On Wednesday of this week, I took my granddaughters, Emma and Hattie, plus their friend Lauren to Splash Valley, which is a water park run by the County of Roanoke.  It was my first time at the park and I was quite impressed.  It was pristine and well-patrolled by diligent lifeguards.  You cannot bring any food into the facility, although you can bring in water.  “They want you to buy their stuff,” an economics lesson delivered by Emma.  All three girls frolicked in the water. Hattie loved the slides.  The two older girls spent most of their time under water.

The girls all had chicken fingers and fries.  I had an item from the “healthy” menu, a fruit cup. The fruit was good, but was covered with high fructose corn syrup.  It was all i could to do to keep from slurping down the corn syrup.

I was mesmerized by all the tattoos.  Actually, tattoos have diminished my ability to bikini watch. It seems that more women than men have tattoos these days.  Many of them tell stories and I try to figure out what they mean without being too obvious. Also I tried to find one woman there without a tattoo. I thought  I had found her in the food line.  As I was giving her an inspection, she stared back at me with a VERY mean look.  I smiled back as I discovered a small rose on her ankle.

I am taking my granddaughter to the park again. It was great fun.


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