IS it about me?

I love to write, tell stories, play bocce ball and be with my four grandchildren.  The character in the story of THE ANOREXIC ASSASSIN, Jimmy Joe Jeter, has been rattling around in his head for decades.  Finally, he has emerged from the shadows to combat the anorexic assassin and relieve T Mike of his obsession with this fictional manDSCF0072 (2)



I have written two other books.  The first is THE ORGANIZED EFFORT which details a selling system for investment specialists.  I was in that business for 35 years. The second is Real Battles, Real Dragons, a heart wrenching story of my wife’s battle with breast cancer and my attempt to solve the problem as a patient advocate.

I currently resides in the Roanoke Valley of Virginia in an independent senior living facility named Brandon Oaks.  I have plenty of opportunities to write and tell stories.  I hang with an active and hip crowd that provides a lot of material. A cane, iPhone and tablet go hand in hand with this bunch.

I have lived in Richmond, Nashville, Washington (DC), and Miami, but my favorite is my home in the valley.

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